Harmony update

In March 2022, Toho Water Authority (Toho) sent residents a notice regarding the implementation of additional treatment process to better remove the water coloration. This upgrade was expected to be operational by mid-year. Currently it is 75% complete and has a new target date of November 2022. The delay is due to supply chain issues. Toho is also designing a major expansion to Harmony’s water and wastewater treatment plants that will add new processes and more than double the overall capacity of the plants. Toho will issue an update in December on the status of these projects which will also be posted on this page.

Water coloration

Toho strives to provide our customers with water and services that are both high quality and of good value. To support this goal, we closely monitor many aspects of the services we provide, including water appearance, odor, taste and quality. Recent testing has shown that increased coloration continues to be present in the water coming from the aquifer into the treatment plant, affecting the water’s appearance. This color is due to naturally occurring organic materials present in the water, but is also affected by current increased water demands. While we have made operational adjustments to help reduce color and improve the water’s appearance, customers may periodically still see some coloration. 

Is my water safe to drink?

Yes, the water is safe to drink. Although water coloration is undesirable, the water supply continues to meet all other drinking water standards. You can review the water quality report that we produce annually at www.tohowaterqualityreports.com.

If you have any questions, please call us at 407-944-5000 or send an email to customerservice@tohowater.com.