It's only two inspections

First inspection is the Toho sewer connection. It verifies that the connection to the Toho cleanout is correct.

Second inspection is the Building Final/ Toho Efficiency Program (TEP) inspection. This inspection verifies that the meter boxes, meters, cleanout pads and curb markings are correct. TEP inspection consists of checking landscaping and irrigation along with the plumbing and appliances inside the building.

Avoid unnecessary fees

Only request an inspection when ready. Inspections incur a $50 fee if an inspection failure needs to be issued on first visit and a $75 fee for each failure thereafter until they pass inspection. Avoid these fees. 


Cancellations must include address, permit number, type of inspection and be emailed to before 6 a.m.


If you have any questions, please contact Toho’s Chief Construction Inspector Joe Jayne at 407-944-5020 or send an email to

    Inspections Checklist

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    Request your inspection

    Please submit an inspection request form no more than one business day before the inspection day. For same day inspections the request must be completed and received before 6 a.m. Any same day inspection requests received after 6 a.m. will automatically be moved to the next business day. Make sure you're ready for an inspection.