Formosa Gardens & US 192

A sewer rehabilitation project in the Kissimmee area of Formosa Gardens Boulevard and W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway (U.S. 192) got underway in mid-July 2022. The project is designed to upgrade the sewer facilities in the area.  The project is anticipated to be completed by March 2023. Schedules could vary according to weather and other unforeseen circumstances.​​

Map shows work areas along US 192, Formosa Gardens Blvd and Formosa Blvd.
Map shows work areas along US 192, Formosa Gardens Blvd and Formosa Blvd.

Lane closures will occur during the project

The project involves replacing and relining sewer lines and manholes and possibly relocating water lines. Work will occur in the following areas:

  • U.S. 192 from south of Inspiration Drive to south of Formosa Gardens Boulevard​
  • Formosa Gardens Boulevard from U.S. 192 to south of Funie Steed Road
  • Formosa Boulevard at Drifting Lilly Loop

Temporary lane closures will occur during the project. Sidewalks and driveways may be impacted by the project. Residents will be notified beforehand should their driveways become temporarily inaccessible. Area restoration will be conducted on affected areas. 

Temporary inconveniences may include noise and vibrations, barricades for safety, trucks, machinery and equipment, and possible odors from the sewer system.

If you have questions or concerns about any aspect of the work, please contact Public Information Specialist Mary Brooks by email at or call the project hotline at 407-270-3999.​