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​Tier structure for reclaimed meters 2" and larger

Tier allocations are based on the amount of landscaped area on each customer's property and the irrigation requirements which are derived from annual weather patterns and plant watering needs. 

These factors are plugged into an industry standard formula designed to quantify irrigation needs.  The formula measures landscaped area, the loss of moisture from plants and the soil (evapotranspiration), average rainfall received and prevailing soils, the type of crop being irrigated, and the efficiency of each customer's irrigation system

The irrigation allocation formula is used to determine monthly watering needs for each individual commercial reclaimed water customer.  Individualized pricing tiers were then established based on the minimum (Tier 1) and average (Tier 2) monthly irrigation needs.

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Reclaimed Water Appeals Form

If your property’s landscaped area has changed or believe your allocations have been inappropriately determined, please submit a Reclaimed Water Appeals form.